ABOUT US

We are a team of six Game Design students  studying at Uppsala University Campus Gotland. 

We are creating a 3D game for our course and wanted to come up with something challenging, which is also fun. We decided a puzzle type game was what we wanted to go for and came up with this space prison gravity puzzle concept.  

Tips and information

Advice or information

Feel free to contact us if you have any advice or comments. Please use our contact link to send us a message.  We are available 24/7. 

Work for our great company! 

We are holding weekly interviews on our spaceship for anyone who's interested. 


We will have official merchandise straight from our spaceship that can be ordered. The merchandise will be sent by drop pods. 


June, 2019

The group is preparing last minute polishes for upcoming GGC.  

June, 2019

The project manager will be presenting the game on tuesday in E building at 14:00 

June, 2019

The team has added beautiful planets to the background. 

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